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Mayfaire's Misfits Performance Troup

Will once more be roaming the grounds creating havoc and enjoyment for young and old alike. This time of year they come not from Arcadia as in May, but from The Beyond




 Buzzards Bay Buccaneers

Kelly Reed- Hathaway

Lively Music to enchant your heart 


 Hurricane Hole The Mad Pirate

His Haunting Melodies and Sea Chanties will humble the beast in every man, woman, and child

The Singing Sirens

three sisters from the deep entertaining you with songs that will surely steal your soul

Seamist, Abalone, and Amethyst find them at the Mermaids Lagoon 


Tribal de Luna

Lovely Ladies shimmeying all the way from CT. to perform for you on Sun. 10/19 only. A group of dancers to good to be missed


Who Do Vodoo like we do 

Witness Captain Blood performing his native ritual as he transforms everyone into .... you will have to see it to believe it 


Participate in our Treasure Hunt

  find and keep part of Captain Morgans booty

$2.00 Entrance Fee Map included( purchase at front gate)


Artists Corner ( ages 13 and over only)

Come and carve a masterpeice pumpkin, prizes awarded for: Most Creative, Most Horrific, Most Comical

Contest entrance Fee- $10.00 we supply the tools and the Pumpkins, you supply the Artistry

Purchase entrance Ticket at Front Gate